Australian Visa Planning Session (50 Minutes)

Would you like me to assess your visa options and design your personalised "Visa Options Plan"?

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What happens in a Visa Planning Session?

The session will last for approximately 50 minutes and we will listen to your unique situation considering not just your work history, your experience and your qualifications, but also your family set up, by this, we mean that for example, some family structures are very complex with blended families, in this situation we need to confirm who has parental consent and other issues that may arise for the accompanying children to legally leave the host country. Others may have complex police history or previous visa history that could affect their application.

You can ask any questions about the process and we can give you the answers you need to allow you to make an informed decision when choosing the best visa pathway for you.

How much does a Visa Planning Session cost?

The standard cost for a visa planning session is £125 for a 50-Minute Visa Planning Session. This is a fixed fee with no hidden extras.

Do I need to prepare anything?

It is best to make a list of all the questions you want answered beforehand and if you have a current passport or any other documents that would be helpful.

What if the session takes longer?

Will I be charged pro-rata?I’m a great believer in the ‘No Surprises’ rule therefore the Visa Planning Session is for a fixed fee, if we go over the hour you won’t be charged anything extra.

Can I bring other people to the Visa Planning Session with me?

Yes, of course, this is entirely up to you. We do recommend you keep this to your close family or friend you trust as there may be sensitive issues we need to discuss.

Is the Visa Planning Session confidential?

Absolutely! As registered migration agents, we are obligated by our code of conduct to preserve your confidentiality as our client.